Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I slack, therefore I am

Don't even ask me about this weekend -- I don't know what I did. I know that for several hours on and off yesterday, I napped while the rain fell and fell and fell outside. I do remember venturing out to buy the juicer. All that napping really screwed me when it came to sleeping last night. Small things that normally don't bother me while I'm trying to get some sleep started bugging me. Like my right boob is totally in the way when I am trying to lie on my right side but for some reason when I lie on my left, my left boob just kind of nestles into place like an obedient pet.

So I lied, of course. I do remember what I did this weekend, and damn was it a thrill!

Sunday I went to a Mary Kay party. Then I had to rush to clean my house and make enchiladas before I subject our friends to the sty that we live in. Our friends were very gracious about the pig pen that is our home and even lied about their home being a mess due to their 6-month-old, who crawled around on my filthy floor and, under the watchful eye of my husband, biffed off the step from the kitchen to the family room. Much to Hubs' entertainment; he immediately laughed hysterically. To his credit, Clark (the baby), hardly cried at all.

Saturday was Valentine's Day, of course, and Hubs let me sleep in while he slipped out to buy me roses and an egg mcmuffin for breakfast. We later shopped for our respective valentines day gifts. Mine were shoes and his were video games. We finished the evening with our traditional Valentine's fondue (our Swiss cheese fondue should be criminal, it's so good). Hubs tried to avoid the stomach issues that normally accompany our overindulgence in lactose by taking lactase pills, to no avail, unfortunately.

Friday night was dinner with several friends at Willow Street Pizza, where I ate a massive quantity of pesto penne, and it was so damn worth it. Later some of us ate ice cream (like that was necessary) and watched Hell Boy 2, which was entertaining.

And, oh yeah, the whole time we did all that stuff, Friday through Monday, it effing rained like God was pissed and decided to take back his promise to Noah.

By the way, tell me this is not the cutest damn baby you have ever seen. This is Jordan, the baby girl my cousin had last week, being held by her grandmother (my aunt). Gawwwwwwwwwww keep her away from me, I'll scratch my own eyes out from the cuteness.

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