Monday, February 23, 2009

Blast Off

Day 1 of the 7-day GOOP detox has begun. And it's a doozy.

Let's start at the beginning.

Yesterday we picked up the juicer, and then I went by myself to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods in search of the many mysterious ingredients I need. Things I've never purchased, like whey protein powder, dried bonito flakes (which I never did find), miso, beets, and coconut water. There are so many more things on the list that I rarely, if ever, eat, but those are some of the more interesting ones. Anyway, I had to do battle with all of the San Jose yuppies, which pissed me off. It's nearly impossible to maneuver a shopping cart through Whole Foods, much less Trader Joe's, because there are so damn many people in those stores.

I didn't even find everything I needed at those two stores. I had to also go to PW and GNC for extra ingredients. Suffice to say I have spent a pretty penny in order to do this detox.

Last night we tested out the juicer, and Hubs, who was a major critic of the purchase of said juicer, was finally won over when he tasted carrot-apple juice. It was delicious.

So today I started the detox, and so far it's been quite interesting. I started off with a glass of lemon water. Shortly thereafter, I felt an urgent need for a BM. I wasn't sure if this was a result of the lemon water or perhaps some of the crappy food I ate yesterday. Either way, I think I've already lost some weight, if you get my drift.

Then I made my morning smoothie. It's a blend of whey protein, super-foods powder (a strange, dark green powder that's basically a bunch of vitamins), blueberries and almond milk.

Gawwww it was awful. It was green and frothy and it tasted like vitamins and ... almond milk, which I don't think I like very much. I choked it down.

When I got to work I had herbal tea (no caffeine, alcohol or dairy allowed on the detox) and I've been drinking water ever since. I've got a container of coconut water waiting for me in the fridge, and I admit I'm a little nervous about whether I'll find that repulsive, too. For lunch I've got a salad. My snack later is a handful of sunflower seeds. Dinner is broccoli/arugula soup (also makes me a little nervous).

So I figure even if I hate every single thing on the menu, I'm just going to eat/drink it, because it's only 7 days, and I can manage to choke down some healthy shit for 7 days. I'll be reporting on whether I lose weight each day, something I'm extremely curious about, given all of this mysterious stuff I'm ingesting.

I may blog later today, since I was planning to post a photo of some of the food I'm eating. I didn't have time for a photo of the green mess that was breakfast, so I'll try for one that will surely be the green mess that is dinner.


  1. Oh, good god, sounds like you are doing great on your first day. The food descriptions alone made me want to gag. Let me know how the broccoli soup is.

  2. try ONE Coconut's delicious!

  3. The brand is called "One"? I've tried Vita Coco and I hate it. Maybe I got a bad brand?