Friday, January 09, 2009

Your Blog is Good

Too often I start reading a blog I've just found, only to become disappointed when it peters out. The writers' material seems to dry up (what? You can't find something inane to talk about EVERY SINGLE DAY the way I do? This is a blog about nothing. Deal with it.) or they become disenchanted with writing a blog for the approximately 8 visitors they receive on a daily basis (doesn't seem to bother me).

So I'm on a constant mission to find blogs that:
A) Entertain me.
B) Are consistently updated.

I've been lucky enough over the past few weeks to find a few that seem to fit the bill, and thought I'd share them with any of you lucky peeps who might be looking for some entertaining blogs to read.

Your Beard is Good is hella funny. It's written by an Indian dude in L.A. with a twisted sense of humor. Today's entry included a bit about Kenny Loggins music in 80s movies that was pretty damn hilarious. His writing is reliably sarcastic and fresh. I love that he also seems to blog each work day, Monday through Friday.

Shallow & Very, Very Single is a San Francisco professional gal in her 20s who drinks like a fish and often blogs about exploits in the dating world, outings with her friends and her struggle for happiness. She blogs less reliably -- perhaps once every few days -- but reliably enough that I'm still reading.

I found Bacon is My Enemy today via a news article Hubs emailed to me. CNN contacted her for an interview about how she quit her job and is now blogging about her weight loss goals. I like her writing style and, of course, the topic is near and dear to my heart. She appears to blog every day.

Dooce frankly doesn't need the help when it comes to blog traffic -- she gets something like 200 comments within half an hour of posting a blurb about how she took her daughter to the grocery store. But I like her a lot -- she's brutally honest and damn funny, too. She blogs three or four times a week.

I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Haven't updated since Friday shame on you! Probably too busy with vampire books.