Thursday, January 08, 2009

Me? Grouchy? Never!

So yeah I am totally grouchy today. Why, you ask? Well, thanks so much for asking. You know, people ask how you are all the time but do they really mean it? I mean, it's become part of our salutation: Hi, how are you? Great, thanks. Who answers that honestly anyway? Yeah actually I suck today. Traffic blows and my hair is awful. Thanks for asking.


So I am grouchy because:

A) "Breaking Dawn," the fourth book in the Twilight series, has taken a bit of a ridiculous turn. What, you say? Vampires and werewolves are ridiculous to begin with, you say? True, perhaps. But we've entered new, somewhat irritating territory.

B) Actually attempting to sleep in the same bed with another person continues to be me not sleeping in the same bed with another person who is maybe having dreams about being an acrobat, judging by all the action going on on the other side of the bed.

C) That person and I may have had a small tiff before bedtime.

D) Work stuff. Much of "D" has been deleted to protect myself and others. Sorry if you're reading the archives, yo.

Golly, writing on my blog is cathartic.


  1. The question is: Are you one of those people? I guess you are if you don't follow your dreams.

  2. Sorry I slept like poo. I guess I paid for it anyway. My neck has one of those painful pulled muscle thingies that doesn't seem to want to go away. Looks like I was punished.

  3. I laughed out as i read this in our quiet newsroom.

    The topic of discussion today was whether or not the man who called the police from Manatee county was telling the truth when he said he was a former marine packing an AK47, wearing body armor and was on his way down to our county to see his wife, then kill himself. Oh, and said he would kill anyone who tried to stop him.

    Journalism misses you. Come back.