Monday, November 17, 2008

Meditation: Ur doin' it right

Because I am a basket case and looking for natural ways to lower my blood pressure (which: baby shower + Indian wedding this weekend = major diet blunder), I have purchased a book titled "Meditation for Dummies." I have never meditated, but from what I've read online, it's supposed to help your health in all sorts of fantastic ways, one of which would be the lowering of blood pressure.
My preconceived notion of meditation was that it was a lot of sitting crosslegged with one's eyes shut, repeating a mantra and trying to clear the mind. Apparently, it's a lot more. There are 20 chapters in "Meditation for Dummies," summing up to a grand 339 pages. Stay tuned for more details. I'll monitor my own blood pressure at home (which invariably is always normal when I do it anyway and then high at the doctor's office) and letcha know how that goes.

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