Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day

This photo was taken at the corner of Steven's Creek and Winchester in San Jose on Saturday. It's hard to see what's going on, so allow me to explain. There are people holding "Yes on 8" signs. And there are people holding "No on 8" signs. I found it interesting. This is one of the most heatedly debated propositions we've had in a while. This morning I received a call on my cell phone -- it was a recording of Obama stating his position on marriage: "A union between a man and a woman." Here's my position on his position: He's running for president and there's no way in hell someone who endorses gay marriage is going to get elected. For all we know, both Obama and McCain support gay marriage, but they would certainly never, ever utter those words aloud during this presidential election.

Anyway, let's all raise a beer tonight and toast the fact that this election is finally coming to an end. No matter what the outcome, it's historic. A black man as president, or a white dude with a female VP.
Gays keep their rights to marry, or those rights are taken away. Either way, my neighbor's "Yes on 8" sign will be coming down.
Minors keep their rights to abortion without their parents being informed, or those rights are taken away.
Utility companies are forced to go greener or they are not.
High speed rail from SF to LA is funded, or it is not.
The SF water district is renamed the "George W. Bush Sewage Treatment Plant," or it is not. (this prop was dreamed up by a dude who drank one too many beers and has a bit too much time on his hands. Not that I don't think it's hilarious)

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