Monday, October 20, 2008

A summary of the last four days

We spent all day Thursday and Friday packing, and STILL were not completely packed by the time nine of our most masochistic friends and family members showed up at 8:30 on Saturday morning. It didn't matter that we weren't ready, because a few people quickly threw the rest of our stuff in boxes, and the rest jammed our motley belongings into the U-Haul and several of their cars, and we were successfully completely moved out of our apartment in about an hour. It was the fastest move I have ever seen, and I think I figured out how we did it: we invited almost everyone we knew to help and we supplied them with gallons of Starbucks coffee and a tub of Noah's bagels. They handled the rest. I barely moved a thing myself -- mostly I stood in my living room in bewilderment while boxes and furniture flew out the door. Once we arrived at the new house, the U-Haul was unpacked in some kind of crazy record-breaking time, like 15 minutes, and soon our movers were sprawled on our lawn, drinking beer and downing pizza. We are still baffled at the efficiency of it all.
Now that we're moved in, boxes are piled in various places throughout the house, and there are a couple of rooms completely vacant of anything -- no boxes, no furniture -- because there is nothing to put in them. We've been wandering around, enjoying the echoing sounds our voices make now that the carpet's gone (I still plan to post photos, as soon as I find my camera). We're slightly zombie-ish as we unpack: mostly we moan in horror and point confusedly at the piles of junk strewn about the house.
So. In between all of that moving business, I turned 30. My hubs spent an appropriately inappropriate amount of money on some jewelry and after we spent the day packing we grabbed some dinner. Family birthday was yesterday -- mom made lasagna and I received some more lovely gifts. One of my favorites: Clinton Kelly's new book, "Freakin' Fabulous: How to Dress, Speak, Behave, Eat, Drink, Entertain, Decorate, and Generally Be Better than Everyone Else." Kelly is on that show, "What Not to Wear," which I enjoy immensely, despite being extremely poorly dressed. My uniform of choice is ugly mom jeans, tank top and zip up hoodie that's really not flattering but is rather comfortable.


  1. omg.
    first, i'm really excited about you and brendan being homeowners.
    secondly, happy belated birthday!
    lastly, i LOVE "what not to wear." i keep begging ben to nominate me for the show.

  2. Oh honey. I'm afraid you don't dress nearly poorly enough. Me, on the other hand... I'd be one of those contestants who's in denial about gaining weight, still trying to fit into her smaller clothes.

  3. Echoing Minal...

    First, really sad I couldn't witness the move and am wondering when I can invite myself (and Clark and Russell of course) over!
    Second, I'm so glad you got good gifts and had a good b-day. Must see this jewelry. Your lame-ass card from us should probably just go in the garbage. ;)
    Third, I have to get that book. I LOVE WNTW!