Thursday, September 18, 2008


When Joe comes to see us, we have to brace ourselves for all of the talking. He represents the company that is putting together our trust for us.

He talks. So. Much.

He talks in this emphatic way that I find hypnotizing. He'll be repeating himself for the 15th time and karate-chopping my kitchen table for emphasis, and I can just feel my brain filling with sleep juice and my eyes will slowly blink and it will take every effort I have to nod and say, "mmhmm" occassionally. Usually he is blathering about how we should invest our money or how his kids are more successful than any kids anyone else has ever had. Ever.

Today, though, Joe amused me when he started talking about how his computer was "eating" his words. BK and I immediately realized he is having an "insert" key problem (wherein one accidentally presses the Insert button and suddenly words disappear as you attempt to continue typing). He is also having a problem with the Paper Clip helper guy in Microsoft Word, who is simply trying to be helpful when he realizes Joe is writing another form letter. Joe, however, doesn't appreciate the help, which he declares for the 17th time whilst forcefully ramming the tip of his index finger into the table.

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