Friday, September 12, 2008

Come on little Gamma Ray....

Last night we ate dinner at Chili's, and as we were leaving, "Mr. Jones & Me" was being musacked out at typical Chili's-blast-volume and BK, in classic BK fashion, cursed, and then said he'd been woken up by "Mr. Jones & Me" that morning and who the hell likes that song anyway? It's a quandry. There are a number of songs I know were new like 15 years ago, but are not new now, and which nobody I know has ever said they enjoy listening to, yet they are repeatedly played at top volume in restaurants and various retail establishments. And station 105.3 on the radio.
Examples of artists who are horribly overplayed:
-Natalie Imbruglia
-Red Hot Chili Peppers

There are more. Feel free to suggest some overplayed artists in the comments section.

On the other hand, on the way into work both today and yesterday, I heard Beck's relatively new "Gamma Ray." Which I like. But I fear it will be overplayed. Which is better than hearing "Mr. Jones & Me" even one more time, but still.

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  1. god damn sublime. They just need to call live 105 the sublime channel.