Monday, September 22, 2008

Begin the sleepless nights

Yesterday, after much back and forth and wringing of hands and anxious scrunching of mouths, our Realtor called to inform us that, against all odds, the sellers of the only house we have offered on (albeit four or five different offers) had accepted our offer and that we will, insanely, be homeowners by mid-October.

The story goes that another couple had offered on the house, but that one of the sellers met the other couple and didn't like them, so decided to sell to us instead, despite our offer being some $5,000 lower.

It's crazy to want something so much, but to immediately regret offering on the house when told it will be ours. It's such a huge step, we dread the unknown and the known -- mortgage payments, endless repairs and upgrades.

Nonetheless, there are so many more pluses than negatives.