Thursday, August 14, 2008

An Open Letter to Netflix

Dear Netflix,

I understand that you are experiencing technical difficulties at the moment, but I must plead with you to please, please rectify the situation as quickly as possible, as I am neck deep in Season 3 of "24," and we're at the part where Jack is busting Salazar out of prison while fighting off urges to shoot heroin and vomit in a corner and Tony's been shot and Michelle is bravely heading up CTU all by herself.

Meanwhile, in real life, spoilers about who dies, who gets stabbed and who gets married keep popping up in Entertainment Magazine, which I receive for free, although I'm still not sure why. So, you see, it's imperative that I finish all six seasons of "24" by November so that I can watch the seventh season live and not risk being told what will happen before it actually happens.

So, please, pay the technicians overtime, but I need my "24."



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