Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How to tell when a woman does not have a weight problem

Today I asked a co-worker about her wedding plans and she remarked that she is extremely stressed out about the whole thing, which is causing her to stop eating. She said she is normally between 145 and 150 pounds and today she weighed in at 139. She's tall - probably 5'10 or 11. So, this is how you know when a woman doesn't have a weight problem: she tells you what she weighs.
I would rather wear assless pants to work than tell anyone there what I weigh.
And I'm not saying that all overweight people have a "weight problem." I consider a weight problem to be mostly mental. It's a problem wherein one's weight is overly disturbing to the person. For me, it is overly disturbing. I have overweight friends, though, who breezily tell me their weight. They feel more comfortable in their own skin and it's obvious.

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  1. Hmm... if you're gonna wear assless pants, you might as well just tell us how much you weigh, since we'd all be seeing the whole kit and caboodle.