Friday, August 22, 2008

Fried-brain Friday

We've been having theme-days this budget season and today is Frosted Friday, so my guess is that means someone is eventually bringing in donuts. Truly, it's Fried-brain Friday, as I was here til 9 last night during "Pizza Night," entering numbers into my budgets.
So since ze brain is fried, I vill write a couple quick reviews of some stuff that impressed me greatly recently.
1) Teske's Germania, a German restaurant in downtown San Jose. I ordered Kassler Rippchen mit Kartoffelsalat und Sauerkraut -- translation: Smoked pork cutlet with potato salad and sauerkraut. The cutlet was huge and tender and delicious, the potato salad and kraut were lovely complements. BK ordered their special of lamb shanks and devoured them happily. We also ordered large, yummy beers and as appetizers a sausage platter and two jalapeno cheese stuffed pretzels (we were with a large group), which were all scrumptious. The pretzels are not too spicy and arrive hot. For a trip here you should probably set aside at least a couple hours.
2) The 2003 Loco Lobo Syrah from El Sol Winery. We picked this up at El Sol in Livermore a few weeks ago. I'm afraid there may be no other way to get it than to make a trip to the actual winery, as I'm unable to find it on bevmo or anywhere else (don't mistake this for the Lobo Loco Syrah from Lodi). It's a syrupy red that doesn't bite you back. I drank it with something inappropriate like Taco Bell, but I think it would go well with a strong pairing, maybe a spicy pasta sauce with a generous topping of parmesan.

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