Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Beleaguered Brasierre

SFGate reports that a Berkeley woman missed her flight out of Oakland on Sunday because TSA employees wouldn't allow her through security without a pat down of her breasts. She was wearing an underwire bra that kept setting off the alarm. She refused the pat down and instead agreed to remove her bra and then walk through security, after which her luggage was then searched at length, causing her to miss her flight.
This is a pretty dispicable infringement into a person's rather personal space. We're already removing shoes and belts at security, now if your bra sets off the alarm they want to start feeling you up? Oh, hell no.
Personally, I wear underwire bras because I have to - my boobs are too big for that non-underwire BS. I've never set off security at the airport, though. This woman is described as rather heavy chested, so she's probably got a lot more metal keeping those puppies suspended. Let's acknowledge her huge bazoombas and allow her onto her plane, shall we? Instead, she suffers the indignity of walking around an airport packed with people, completely braless. As a C-cup, I would never, ever wander in public braless. This woman is probably way larger-chested, and here she is flapping in the breeze for everyone to see, because she didn't want to allow a stranger to put their hands on her private parts.
Something needs to change with the whole security process at the airports. Decent citizens are being treated as criminals while silly news programs are still finding ways to sneak contraband through security to prove the system doesn't work. I don't know what the solution is, but a grope session is not the answer.

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