Wednesday, August 20, 2008

As promised - my Costas material

I remembered Bob being more of the main topic of this email I sent to about 30 people on Valentines Day in 2002, but turns out it's only a snippet, so I'm snipping it out and pasting it here for you. I wrote this when I was interning at the News-Press in Fort Myers, Fla.

"Speaking of the Olympics, did you watch the opening ceremony? Who loves Bob Costas? I do. Katie Couric, the poor woman, has a mouth like a bottom dwelling fish, but Bob. Who could NOT love Bob? Here is how truly bored and pathetic I am: I took notes during the opening ceremony. Bob was having a truly quotable evening. I believe the first thing I wrote down was "You know, Katie, it's never good when you're being pursued by giant icicles!" The "child of light" or whatever they were calling the kid with the red jacket, was being chased by these pointy tin foil guys. Jay Leno made a funny about this later in the evening: "Why is the Klan chasing that kid?"
Another Bobism: "...known, to his displeasure, as the flying white sausage," speaking about a German luge guy.
Do you all remember the hoedown or have you managed to block it out? Bob said, "They're about to have their hoedown!" Andi, on the phone (probably with Antonio) in the kitchen, says, "The Olympics are on. They're having a hoedown on the ice. I feel very Olympic just watching it."
I noted in my book: "This is why the whole world thinks we're stupid."

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