Monday, August 25, 2008

Another Monday!

Where was all of the traffic this morning? Someone please enlighten me. My calendar says it's a Bank Holiday in the UK. Maybe everyone is taking off early since Labor Day weekend is next weekend? The metering lights were even green. Weird!

So somewhere between a barbecue at my sister & brother-in-law's new place and about six episodes of "24," we drank a bottle of 07 Late Harvest Syrah from Screeching Owl Vineyard, bottled by John Evan of Big White House winery in Livermore. It's a Syrah but tastes more like a port. Normally I don't like port because it's too awfully sweet but this stuff is sweet with a kick of tart. We know firsthand that it goes great with dark chocolate. The bottle's small, probably equivalent to half a regular bottle of wine, therefore we had no trouble drinking the whole thing in one evening (which is probably not how you are supposed to drink port, but heck). Sadly this is another one where I can't point you toward bevmo, but I can point you toward the tasting room.

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