Monday, July 21, 2008

Why in the name of .... No Name

Today I learned that one of the hosts, "No Name," on the usually obnoxious morning radio show I listen to (Alice 97.3) has been fired. Unceremoniously booted off the show for reasons that go, ahem, unnamed. Pun intended. Now, it was difficult enough for me when the previous co-host, Vinny, was fired from the show about six years ago for being a crackhead who never came to work. I don't deal well with change, especially in the mornings, and in particular on Mondays.
Don't be mistaken. Vinny and No Name were both flawed. Vinny, for example, was a crackhead and found it difficult to arrive at work on time. No Name was sort of irritating in that he seemed to talk mostly about really disgusting things like vomit and poop. Other than that, I really liked both of them. Also, I believe No Name lives in Milpitas, so he was representing what could almost be called my hometown, smelly though it may be.
I am sure the show's producers have their reasons for letting No Name go. Maybe he was demanding more money. Maybe they got tired of the vomit and poop. Maybe there is some kind of listener poll they do that revealed that No Name (aka Mike Nelson) was alienating their target audience, which, judging by Alice's music, is females in their 20s who shop at the Hello Kitty store and write hearts above their "i"s.
At any rate, they're now left with Sarah, the other host who's been on the show for more than 10 years now. The listeners seem to love her. I loved her more before she had kids and started talking about driving them to soccer practice and making coffee on the weekends.
At any rate it at least will be entertaining to see who they end up hiring to replace No Name.
One good thing that has come of this -- I discovered a new blog today that I found kind of entertaining. It was the only source I could find that explained what had happened to No Name.


  1. my best initial guess would be that 105.3 is beating them in ratings

  2. Live 105 beating them in the ratings? Really? For their morning show?? Because I've tried to listen to their morning show, and it's horrible!

  3. And as for No Name leaving...I, too, am deeply bummed out by this news. No Name MADE the show; Sarah is just a Marin Mommy slumming it on the radio during the weekdays. She was trying to spin it on this morning's show that No Name had already been thinking about leaving the show (to concentrate on his TV career) but I don't buy it.

  4. If you listen regularly, you'll know that he had been considering leaving, a few months back he went on a "vacation" during which it was leaked that he was interviewing for some other job out of the area, and Sara was upset that she can only keep a cohost for about 5 years

  5. I'm a No Name fan. I'm sad and won't be listening to Alice in the morning.