Friday, July 25, 2008

My Return to the Land of the Living

Yesterday I had my statistics final. Yes, six hellacious weeks of math (no matter what anyone says - it's math) are over, and my feeling is that I probably passed the class, despite a major hurdle in the middle with our family crisis and my extreme meltdown the day before the final, wherein I frightened my husband by turning into a crazy person. I took the day off yesterday and sat at the kitchen table to compile the page of notes we were allowed to bring into the final (it's front and back). Make no mistake, this took me hours to do. It paid off, big time. I finished the final before anyone in the class (it still took a solid two hours), even the smartypants 14-year-old who's gunning for a 4.7 GPA, title of valedictorian and a scholarship to Harvard. I almost sprained my ankle on the way out of the class, I was so elated to be leaving.

By the way, I make no claims as to the accuracy of these notes. Anyone who knows anything about statistics will recognize it as a rudimentary instruction sheet for someone who is worried they will forget everything they know the minute they step foot on campus, as I am wont to do.

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