Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Keeping my promise

I told Christina I would quote her, only minutes ago, and so I am:

"I'll let you get back to your soul-sucking job, but we should really get together and talk about how to make a million dollars blogging our little hearts out."

This on the heels of posts from both of us on fear and realizing one's true potential. And the BlogHer convention, which we really should have attended.


  1. I think I speak for B when I say it would be great if you guys would make millions doing something. I really need to free up my schedule. :)

  2. This just in from SFGate:

    (07-21) 19:55 PDT -- Heather Armstrong's blog got her fired. Six years later, it pays her family's mortgage.


  3. Oh and I can provide IT/HTML/etc know how free of charge.