Friday, May 02, 2008

Now I can do this

I was feeling really hopeless this morning, what with the whole falling off the Weight Watchers wagon and being a shitty friend who never calls her friends. I was looking at my favorite blogs this morning and considering commenting on a couple. I've wanted to tell Faith I put on a shower cap the other day and realized how strange I would look as a bald person, but I felt it was inappropriate. I wanted to tell Heather she should use her tax rebate to buy a Roomba and not save it for the next time her car breaks down. And then I read Mark Morford's column today on sfgate and once again I managed to smile and feel a little more normal, because no matter how angry or left-wing I am feeling on any given day, this guy is such a rage-filled Democrat that I suddenly feel like Dick Cheney. That's totally exaggerated, I'm sure if I felt like Dick Cheney the devil would be whispering in my ear. Well, the devil is probably whispering in my ear anyway, but I digress. So Morford offers a few suggestions on what you can buy with your tax rebate. My favorite: A copy of grand theft auto IV, three bottles of Stoli, and a large hammer. I mean, how can you not chuckle?


  1. How about the ultimate time-waster? Mario Kart for the Wii.

  2. Sorry for the late post on this topic- I appreciate you telling me you don't think you'd look good bald, based on your appearance in a shower cap. I find it touching that you'd try out the look at all.