Sunday, May 18, 2008

I neglected to plan my weekend well, knowing hubby would be out of town on his bachelor party trip. I ended up remembering what it was like when I lived on my own in Sonora. It was lonely. But I made the most of it by breaking my personal Mario Kart record and earning 6,000 points. I'm back down to about 5,700 points after getting my butt kicked by some 8,000 pointers. Also, I went to the movies by myself, which I used to do frequently in Sonora, especially in the heat up there. I saw "What Happens in Vegas," which was slightly amusing but extremely predictable. Which you sort of expect anyway but it could definitely have been better. Later on I watched "Hitch" at home, which is the second time I've seen that movie, and it's really pleasantly funny and entertaining. I suggest it for when you're in the mood for a romantic comedy. I also went to an open house yesterday after our realtor called Hubs to let him know that a house we've looked at at least 5 times has had a little extra work done to it and the price has come down about 30k. They staged it this time, and the major changes included painting the house and putting sod in the backyard. I've always liked this house but Hubs doesn't really like it, for legitimate reasons. The garage is a little difficult to navigate cars into because of its proximity to the house, and the backyard is extremely small. Also it has wall heaters instead of central heat and no dishwasher. Some of that stuff is fixable but some of it's not. It's a good neighborhood but the schools suck. Which is always weird to me. I think people in Willow Glen must all send their kids to private school. Which we want to avoid if at all possible so we'll probably end up living in the Cambrian area. So that's about the extent of my weekend. My BK comes home today so I should probably shower.

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  1. You shouldn't have showered. I like you dirty. Hahahahahhaha