Friday, May 23, 2008

Further proof of the dumbing down of journalism

The front page of the Merc (the one you can actually hold in your hand as opposed to read online) is a full page photo of the Summit Fire in the Santa Cruz mountains and the headline, "So Early For This."

Really? You had one headline to write, and this is what you wrote? Is it just me, or does this headline sound vaguely Jewish? Like, they might as well have said, "Oy, vey! So early for this!"

Besides which, does the fire really warrant a full-page photo? I can think of plenty of other fires in the Bay Area in which homes were also destroyed and yet somehow other news was also important so was also put on the front page. I can only imagine that the skeleton crew at the Merc, having been pared down to a handful of low-paid unfortunates, heaved a sigh of relief yesterday when something sort of big happened so they wouldn't have to worry about needing to pretend to be a large enough staff to put out relevant and complete news.

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