Monday, May 19, 2008

Did he just say Fresno?

I don't want to make it sound like my husband frequents strip clubs, because he doesn't, but if called upon to attend a bachelor party wherein strip clubs are on the agenda, he does not shirk his duty. From his description of events, it sounds like the novelty has worn off, he says he could take it or leave it. Naked girls, ho hum. Anyway, since we got married, this is at least the second bachelor party he's been to, and now that he's the chilled-out guy with the wedding ring on, he's having all kinds of in-depth conversations with strippers who just sit down next to him and start talking. In Reno over the weekend, one such stripper told him she is from Fresno and used to date UFC fighter Chuck Liddell before he became "famous" and knocked up a couple of chicks. Actually, she told him she's a paralegal by day and still lives in Fresno but just strips in Reno on the weekends in order to fund her expensive taste for name-brand shoes and purses. I'm slightly incredulous, but who knows? I know women who occassionally engage in questionable behavior for Louis Vuitton handbags.
At any rate, Hubs told her he's partied in Fresno, and when she asked where, he said "downtown." She told him downtown is too dangerous for him to party in and didn't believe him. Technically, I think we partied in the Tower District. I couldn't be sure.
So the fact that the stripper couldn't believe that he'd been to Fresno made me think of an occassional column at The Beehive called "Did They Just Say Fresno?" or something like that.


  1. I still think that exotic dancer was full of baloney.

  2. Actually, it was downtown. The stripper is just one of those people who live by the North-South Fresno divide and are scared of downtown.

    And I buy the story -- at least that a girl from Fresno strips and dated Chuck Liddell, that guy is always partying out here.