Sunday, April 27, 2008

A sad time for journalists past & present

My friend Jacq sent an email today that I will post below so you can visit a site to see photos of the war-torn newsroom at the San Jose Mercury News. I was there, some 10 odd years ago, and now it looks like a ghost town.

Here's what Jacq says:

Martin Gee is a designer at the Merc. I stumbled on his flickr blog from
the PDN website. It really hits home. --- the go to the slideshow on
the left titled 'reduction in force'


  1. Wow. That's really sad. It makes me wonder where nwespapers went wrong? It's no mystery that the best and brightest aren't in the media business, those who are certainly know to stay from papers. It seems in the blink of an eye they lost their relevance. Is it the dumbing down of America?

  2. I would say it is not the dumbing down of America... People are just changing the way they get their news. The people who used to subscribe to the paper now read their news on the web. Also with devices like the iphone becoming more and more widespread it's much easier to get all the news you want or need at all times in the palm of your hand. The main issue is that these monolithic companies have not done anything to stay current and ahead of the curve. We still need good journalists, but we need even better business people to figure out how to make good money with a paper that is completely online.

  3. What you said is all true. But, I bring up the dumbing down of America because the top headlines these days are often shared with celebrity gossip.

    I am saddened to hear the Britney Spears can't stay sober and that she lost custody of her children. I am outraged at whoever thought it was a good idea to pose Miley Cyrus, a 15 year-old, with implied nudity. I just don't see this as news.

    For me, I'd rather reporters spend more time pounding the water district for answers about what's in our drinking water. With all the reports about estrogen in our water, it makes me wonder if that is causing the high frequency of breast cancer. The thing that really pisses me off is that I read a couple of articles that said that water officials are now being told not to disclose what they are finding in our water because it is causing panic.

    It just seems that we as a society need more escapism than ever before.

  4. Ok I agree with your points there. It does really seem like the quality has gone down. The Miley and Britney news should be buried in the back of the paper if in there at all. I totally agree. I guess I just didn't get the first post. Maybe I'm too dumbed down. :-)