Friday, April 11, 2008

Last night at Longs, while I was picking up some Claritin and a pack of gum:

A young boy was trying valiantly to convince his grandfather to allow him to buy more than just the pack of Juicy Fruit he held in his hand. Each new item he saw was something he wanted. Each time he asked he received the same answer: "No."
Exasperated, he asked his grandfather: "Why do you bring me here and only let me get one thing?"
His grandfather: "To drive you crazy."
Grandson: *sigh*
Grandfather: "Do you feel crazy?"
Grandson: "Yes!"
Grandfather: "See? It worked!"


  1. HAHAHAHA! Oh my god - I love this SO MUCH.

  2. This sounds like my father with my children.

    (Hi -- friend of Christina's here!)