Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Farewell, Meeps! We hardly knew ya....

Last night, our distinguished English bachelor ridded himself of my favorite bachelorette, Meeps. I'm not sure what her real name is. She was awesome though. He led the poor girl on, and at the end she honestly felt they might get married. So when he neglected to hand her a rose, she called him a "complete douchebag." Yes!!!!!! Meeps, I loved you before, but now you're my fucking hero!

In other news, when I woke up this morning, I was extremely pissed off. Just pissed, for no particular reason. Everything pissed me off. Getting up at 6:30 - what a crock! Dirty bathroom - thorn in my side! Dirty house in general - the rage is building! Have to go to work - why not just drive off a cliff on the way there?! I snapped up my new "The Essential Neil Diamond," a pair of awesome Neil Diamond CDs, because if you can't be cheered up by Neil Diamond then you are a satan worshipper. So I got in the car and tried to open the goddamn CD case. Got the plastic wrap off the case, then wrestled endlessly with that demonic sticky tape crap that they put on those things. Long story short, I never got the tape off during the drive to work, and then I was even more pissed off than before. So I brought the CD in to the office with me, determined to listen to it on my computer. I finally got the thing playing, popped headphones on my ears, and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Who doesn't love them a little, "Cherry, Cherry"? Who doesn't crack a smile at "I am ... I said"?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

A sad time for journalists past & present

My friend Jacq sent an email today that I will post below so you can visit a site to see photos of the war-torn newsroom at the San Jose Mercury News. I was there, some 10 odd years ago, and now it looks like a ghost town.

Here's what Jacq says:

Martin Gee is a designer at the Merc. I stumbled on his flickr blog from
the PDN website. It really hits home.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/hellvetica/ --- the go to the slideshow on
the left titled 'reduction in force'

Saturday, April 19, 2008

We watch them so you don't have to

My husband Netflix'd the second stinker in about a month -- "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story." Apparently they didn't want the porn industry to have to think too hard when they came up with their own version.

What a freaking horrible ass movie. I realized about 10 minutes in that there was no turning back from the stupidity the movie promised we would be enduring for nearly 2 hours. I was, in fact, a proponent of turning the damn thing off and watching something -- anything -- else. But hubby being the hopeful soul he is thought he'd keep watching to see if it got better. Needless to say he was a little peeved when the damn thing finally ended. I napped through about half of it, so at least I can say I got some beauty sleep.

It was rather unfortunate that it sucked so bad. It had a great cast, peppered with actors from Saturday Night Live and The Office, like Jenna Fischer from "The Office," Kristen Wiig from SNL, and many others. Jack White had an amusing cameo as Elvis, and that was probably the most interesting 10 seconds of the whole damn movie. The main actor, John C. Reilly, appeared in another stinker last year, "Talladega Nights." (bleahh!!)He's actually a very talented singer, reminiscent of Chris Isaak. He appeared in "Chicago," the movie, as well. If you haven't seen that, rent "Chicago" instead, and thank your lucky stars you won't suffer through this awful film.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Article of interest

My husband forwarded me this link today. It's a rather long article about a man who was trapped in an elevator. Fascinating!


First, I know I'm being a neglectful blogger. But, it's not my fault, it's because my job is eating my soul again. I apologize. I need to buy some new soul spray.

So we watched "Into the Wild" this weekend -- it's out on DVD so you can rent it now. It was really good. I'd read the book, by Jon Krakauer and really enjoyed it. It's a true story about a rebel kid who's sick of his parents and mainstream life so decides to go off the reservation and go on a Great Alaskan Adventure of his own making. He meets all of these characters along the way and you get to see him living off the land as a novice hunter-gatherer. It's very compelling. Hubs was at first irritated with the movie when it was over, but that was only because it made him feel his Man Feelings, which he does not like to access unless absolutely necessary.

By the way, Krakauer also wrote "Into Thin Air," another awesome book & true story about a Mount Everest climb he took part in.

So I also FINALLY finished "The Omnivore's Dilemma." Good God, that was a hard book to get through. Not because it's not good, it's just, damn. I'm not sure how interested I am in detailed explanations of how mushrooms grow and how to hunt them (all interesting, by the way) and I also need to take frequent breaks from explanations on how to properly kill and dress chickens & wild boar, in addition to the customary practice of slaughtering cattle in factory-like slaughterhouses.

I am now definitely a proponent of grass-fed, free range beef and I feel that "farms" with cattle standing shoulder to shoulder in their own filth are disgusting concentration camps and nothing good can come of them. You end up learning that corn-fed beef is not the wonderful thing we are supposed to think it is. Cows can't even naturally digest corn so they have to pump them full of antibiotics and hormones just to get them to eat it.

Anyway, the author, Michael Pollan, takes us through three different types of meals so you can see what's in it, where it all comes from, how to get it. It's all rather enlightening. I encourage reading it, but only with a passion for wanting to learn about your food.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Last night at Longs, while I was picking up some Claritin and a pack of gum:

A young boy was trying valiantly to convince his grandfather to allow him to buy more than just the pack of Juicy Fruit he held in his hand. Each new item he saw was something he wanted. Each time he asked he received the same answer: "No."
Exasperated, he asked his grandfather: "Why do you bring me here and only let me get one thing?"
His grandfather: "To drive you crazy."
Grandson: *sigh*
Grandfather: "Do you feel crazy?"
Grandson: "Yes!"
Grandfather: "See? It worked!"

Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Mommy Complex

Yesterday was Katie's baby shower. I've finally learned never to physically shop for baby shower gifts or I'll never leave the store, at least not without armfuls of things I feel the new mom will adore and having gone way over budget. I gave my new favorite baby shower gift - a boppy, with boppy cover and a little monkey hat (a nod to my shopaholic ways when it comes to baby paraphernalia). Anyway the shower was lovely and tame as showers go -- there was thankfully no inspecting of melted candy bars in baby diapers - yuck! But, this familiar but forgotten feeling crept up during the baby talk and opening of gifts -- utter terror, I believe it is. This always swings around at baby showers. Maybe I'm terrified of the physical act of birthing a baby but I think, even more so, I'm deathly afraid of screwing up a new person's life. I'm worried this fear with make me a neurotic mother. Anyway, no worries, I am not pregnant, nor am I thinking of becoming pregnant soon. It's just that the big 3-0 is looming and our parents are tapping their wristwatches expectantly.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A gift for me

Our two-year anniversary is coming up later this month, so I kindly told my husband the traditional 2-year gift is cotton.

His response: "I'll get you a T-shirt that says, I married this asshole and all I got was this T-shirt."