Monday, March 17, 2008

They couldn't find any decent American bachelors...

So they got one from England!

Here's my synopsis: 27-year-old Brit makes fool of self with 25 shameless bachelorettes, eliminates 10.

Those remaining (all contestants have been nicknamed by myself and BK after people I personally know or people on television/the public eye or by their mannerisms):

Young Helen Hunt
LeAnn Rimes
Chelsea Clinton
Rock of Love (she looks like she should be a Rock of Love contestant)
Little Teeth
Tranny 1
Smoker Voice
Blair from Facts of Life
Queen of Sheba
Snow White
Tranny 2
Ice Skater

Those who were eliminated:

Jo from Facts of Life
Windy City
Nancy O'Dell
Faith Hill
HR chick from my company

There are others I neglected to name due to lack of standout-iveness.

Stay tuned. The Bachelor is on on Monday nights, ya'll.

1 comment:

  1. erin, you and your hubby are the tops. but is the state of america so bad that we're now outsourcing our bachelors? hmmm....