Monday, March 10, 2008

Shark vs. Eagle

I realized I've been a neglectful blogger, so I hereby resolve, on this first Monday after "springing" forward, to blog daily, whether the blogging is quality or not.

Last night we watched "Eagle vs. Shark," a sort of love story involving a couple of mental retards. It was entertaining. By the way, I realize I just said "mental retards," and that is probably not a politically correct way of saying mentally challenged or whatever. I've been thinking about the word "retard" since last night, when I was reading a Vanity Fair article about funny women in Hollywood. Sarah Silverman is quoted as saying in her TV show, "You're so gay!" And then saying to her gay friends, "I didn't mean gay like homosexual. I meant gay like retarded." So I'm sorry, slap me, but I think that is hilarious.

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