Sunday, March 16, 2008

How charming

Wow, not even 6 days pass and I'm already breaking my promise to myself to blog daily. Well, I'm only human, after all.

Today we plan to tour open houses, which we do practically every weekend. One of three emotions usually results: Profound disappointment, idiotic hopefulness, and utter disgust. Yesterday was an utter disgust kind of day. We looked at a house that used to be a care facility. It hit a little too close to home and reminded us of B's grandma's facility. Gross. Another place had a terrible add-on and resulted in windows looking out into other rooms. Shoddy.

Anyway, I mentioned to B today that one of my biggest pet peeves about looking at homes in our preferred, and likely unrealistic, neighborhood is that many of the fliers say, "Willow Glen Charmer!" How many charmers can there really be? According to the realtors, practically every one is a "charmer." My other favorite: "Contractor's delight!" Read: "Warning -- major fixer-upper!"

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