Monday, January 14, 2008

The Art of Being Obnoxious

I am sure no normal person could ever stand to live with Hubs and I for any extended period of time (yes, you should start pitying our unborn children now), as we are sort of insane. We do this thing where we will hear a word that somehow strikes our fancy, and then repeat it incessantly for oh, say, 5 months. After we got back from our honeymoon in Maui, there were a couple of things we would say, and which we still occassionally say, in our best male hawaiian inflections. The first is "mahalo." The second is "goddamn haoles." (Haole is Hawaiian slang for irritating white tourist and is pronounced how-lee) We never actually heard anyone say "goddamn haoles," but we certainly imagined they were thinking it.

Since our return from Sedona, we've been saying "javelina," which is actually pronounced hav-a-lee-nuh, and refers to a boar/pig type of animal that is sort of the raccoon of the desert in Arizona. Sometimes we'll just say "javelina." Sometimes we'll say, "What's up, javelina?" or "I love you, javelina." We use the same Hawaiian accent, which seems to work pretty well for this particular word.

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