Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A woman I work with met a handsome man at a swanky black tie party over the weekend. I know he's handsome because I saw his photo -- sort of Clark Kent meets Jeff Goldblum. He told her he worked for UPS as a driver, and she, being the daughter of a long-time UPS driver, was disappointed. She's a single mom, looking for a well-to-do fellow who wants to sweep her off her feet. At the end of the evening, the man asked my co-worker if he could have her phone number, and because she'd attended the party with a different man, she told him she didn't feel comfortable writing her number down, but that her work number would be really easy for him to memorize if she just said it aloud to him. Which she did. So yesterday, her phone rang at work, and it was him. Remembering he held the apparently undesirable occupation of UPS driver, she brushed him off. But today, out of curiousity, she googled his phone number. And it was his work number. At the real estate agency he owns. We know this because he has his own website with his photo and everything. We have concluded that he lied to her to see if she would still be interested in him, although she believed he held a blue-collar job. She obviously did not pass this test. But he doesn't know that she knows what he actually does for a living, so she's now considering going out with him.


  1. So typical. She doesn't deserve him in my opinion.

  2. oh my. that's so sad. the stuff of movies.