Tuesday, December 11, 2007

When I was growing up in Milpitas, we used to receive calendars and magnets from a married couple in real estate named Craig and Debbie Way (slogan: "Do it the Craig and Debbie Way!") One year they sent a very helpful plastic orange jar opener. This do-dad made opening stubborn jars super easy. Eventually the Ways divorced and started sending separate paraphernalia, but it was never the same.

Now that Hubs and I have started house shopping, albeit prematurely (hell, we've been going to open houses for a year and a half), we've landed on several mailing lists, and one stands out to me. Wayne and Angel Mason are another married couple, and every month they send me a newsletter that has nothing to do with real estate. One was about getting organized. One was about maintaining your vehicle. Basically, they're helpful tips. I just received this month's in the mail today. It's titled, "A new year. A new you." It's got a number of tips on setting New Year's resolutions, and even a list of suggested resolutions (my favorite: "Watch more sunsets."). Why thank you, Wayne and Angel Mason.

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