Monday, December 17, 2007

There's truly something about Christmas that brings out the worst in people. Well not Christmas, specifically, but certainly the holidays and the pressure of getting everyone on your list the right gifts and coordinating visits to seldom-seen family members' homes. To top it off, businesses frequently insist on holding holiday parties, which -- getting drunk with coworkers and making an ass of yourself -- what could be better? On Friday night, Hubs and I went to this Japanese hibachi restaurant in Campbell called Kyoto Palace with a few friends. We'd been there before and the rule of thumb seems to be the later you arrive, the drunker the patrons will be. In desperate need of some alcohol myself, I downed several little cups of sake. We were in a clammy room with tables full of rowdy celebrants. You could tell which were the company holiday parties -- they always look like the most mis-matched group of friends ever. The drunkest, by far, was a table of dentists, hygienists and the like from some dentists' office. The women were practically making out with each other -- sure to be a conversation piece on Monday. At one point one of the women was lying across several people's laps and she kicked a glass off the table, breaking it. No one bothered to pick it up and the group eventually dispersed. But later, a fight actually broke out in the restaurant. A chick fight, nonetheless! Although we missed the majority of it, apparently a food fight at one table angered a patron at another, and a lot of hair pulling and neck scratching ensued. Boobs even emerged from blouses, Jerry Springer-style, according to our waitress. She shook her head in disbelief.

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