Thursday, December 27, 2007

MOAM's Best & Worst of 2007

I've been reading all of these Top 10 lists and I realized, Hey! I've been blogging all damn year, I should do my own Top 10s. It was kind of tough putting it together, because I know I've left stuff out. There are things I find exciting in different ways that didn't make the lists, but are certainly worth a mention: Katie getting pregnant, or the little earthquake we experienced. That said, here they are, for better or worse:

Top 10 Best Things That Happened in 2007:

10. I reconnected with nature in Lewiston and tasted the best French toast I've ever had.
9. B and I bought new cars.
8. Our lovely friends had us over for wonderful meals to celebrate birthdays and holidays (I know this one is a cop-out). It was at one of these that we discovered a new, wonderful game: Baseball Cards.
7. Rock of Love
6. Mike & Tanya's bachelor/bachelorette party in Vegas
5. Mike & Tanya's wedding
4. My birthday. I took the day off and got a massage.
3. Our anniversary. We went to the Ritz.
2. Brendan's IPO.
1. I found out I'm not dying.

Top 10 Worst Things That Happened in 2007:

10. I got my first two gray hairs.
9. Our cupboards were momentarily infested with moths.
8. We were forced to cancel two vacations.
7. We were both in car accidents in our brand new cars.
6. I dieted fruitlessly.
5. My new company bought my old company and now I work back in the same office I was trying to get away from.
4. Endless doctors visits.
3. My sister was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.
2. Rahim died.
1. Putting B's grandma in a home.

So it's all a little overwhelming to think all this stuff happened in the space of one little year, but it's also gratifying because sometimes it seems as though the years fly by and you wonder what happened to it and whether you managed to actually accomplish anything.

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