Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I am in a dire situation with my work pants right now. I own one pair that are decent enough for work and still fit my ample booty. Another pair, the same size and style but a different color, inexplicably fit me much tighter than the decent pair, but I am forced to wear them due to my limited options these days. Another pair I wear only on the most desperate of occasions since they look like utility pants. They're black (hey, dressy, right?) but they have pockets on the sides for, like, wrenches and other tools, I suppose. The last pair were purchased for a recent trip to Las Vegas and hence are pretty much unfit for public viewing, at least during daylight hours, and they also require me to wear a thong, which I pretty much hate doing. Yeah, I know there's a whole desirable group of women who wear thongs every day and probably even sleep with them on, but to me there is simply nothing as uncomfortable and exposing as having cloth in between your butt cheeks. Do you think the people at work will notice if I wear the same pair of black pants every day? It's kind of getting to that point.

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