Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Have you seen "Intervention"? It's the most gut-wrenching TV show... I keep promising myself I won't watch it, but then I do. Last night was an episode about an anorexic woman. She baffles me on a few levels, probably mostly because I'll never understanding NOT eating, only OVEReating. Other shows have featured people addicted to heroin, meth, alcohol, etc. They almost always accept treatment and almost always fail, which is the heart breaking part. I read somewhere that only 14% of alcoholics stay on the wagon after going through AA.


  1. omg! i may have seen that episode. the "intervention" marathons are the worst because i can't pull away from the television.

  2. the worst part of the marathons is that you become convinced these people can't be helped. From a cursory sample it seems that over 50% relapse.