Friday, December 07, 2007

God bless Mark Morford for the sometimes divinely inspired columns he pens. This link is to his column today on a disturbing development at the Christian college that my sister happens to have graduated from.

It seems the founder's son and his family have been living it up quite illegally on students' tuition money (no small cost, I assure you). My sister seems to have no luck in these areas -- her former minister, one Ted Haggard, was removed from his post at the rather disturbingly large New Life church in Colorado Springs, for sexual misconduct. These incidents and others in the religious community (priests molesting young children, anyone? This also happened at the church we attended as children in Milpitas) make me want to pose this question: Why in the world would I ever want to attend church again? People who attend church are, for the most part, good people. But there are, among them, hypocrites and deceivers who make me seriously uncomfortable.

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