Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Maybe I should join the CIA or something, because I apparently look like everyone. Which means I would blend well, right? This weekend Hubs and I were stopped at a light and there was a woman standing on the corner, waiting to cross, and he remarked that she and I looked alike. She didn't look particularly attractive to me and happened to be wearing something I wouldn't be caught dead in: spandex pants. Then yesterday my engineer tells me he met a girl in a bar over the weekend who could've been my sister. I asked him if she was hot and he said she was, hahhaaaa... Then this morning one of the women I work with tells me she thought she saw me at her nail salon, getting my nails done, which I so do not do. There are at least a couple of MOAM impostors out there, confusing all of my friends. One of my husband's friends actually once thought he saw me having dinner at Maggiano's with another man so he took a picture and sent it to my husband!! These women are causing trouble for me! This seems to be a running theme in my life. I've actually written about this before, too, when I lived in Sonora and was told by several people that I was the spitting image of the Rodeo Queen (it's a long story). Methinks I must find the original article.


  1. that chick slightly looked like you. but not really.

  2. man, the whole photo-to-brendan episode sounds HILARIOUS. and erin, while all these chicks may resemble you, they certainly aren't as fabulous.