Friday, September 14, 2007

Today, because of my illustrious job as a property manager, I got to tour our local waste water treatment plant. In case you're wondering, "waste water" is a nice term for pee and poo. So I took this tour with a group of people who are attending the same class I am (to obtain designation as a Real Property Administrator --right now I'm just a fake one) on environmental health.
Make no mistake about it, the waste water treatment facility smells like poop. Especially the "primary treatment" center, where the new "bio-solids," aka poops, are allowed to sit until they sink to the bottom. Actually, what probably smells worse is the secondary treatment center, where they pull "hard" waste materials out of the bio-solids (which they used to call sludge for obvious reasons). There are these big scraper things that reach deep down in and grab anything that's not going to dissolve, like rags and rocks and other disgusting items completely soaked in poop. The scrapers then dump the poop-covered items on a conveyor belt and then they go bye-bye to the dump. The various treatments go on and on, and by the time the water is completely treated, it smells and looks like extremely chlorinated pool water. Our guide even claimed it was good enough to bottle and possibly even better than some bottled water out there already. Pardon me, but I will not be drinking the poop water.


  1. I'm speechless and I can't stop laughing. You should be getting paid overtime for that sort of field trip.

  2. why did i read this during my holy cereal time? why?