Wednesday, September 19, 2007

This morning I was somewhat bemused and somewhat saddened to read my favorite SFGate columnist's article on his dismay over what he perceives to be repulsive fast food commercials advertising even more repulsive fast food, particularly Wendy's and even more particularly "The Baconator."
Morford wonders why there aren't laws against this sort of advertising the same way there are laws that restrict the advertising of other things that are bad for us, like cigarettes. The answer to that seems simple enough to me. It is not necessary to consume cigarettes to keep on living (some might disagree) but it is necessary to consume food to keep on living. Certainly, it is not necessary to consume Baconators to keep on living, but we are a hungry, stressed lot who want something more appetizing to consume than a bowl of wheat bran, despite knowing it's about as good for us as an IV drip of lard.
Morford, who has mentioned in past columns that he is a yoga instructor, also says he watches little television, and he surmises that the target audience for said commercials are overweight, illiterate frat boys. Methinks he's forgotten who HIS target audience is. I won't bother to look up the latest statistics on what percentage of Americans are obese, but last I heard it was more than half. Chances are he's offended a few Baconator-eating souls out there today.


  1. "IV drip of lard" ... perfect!

  2. I think this is really stupid. He is just another one of those super liberals that want people to be insulated from everything. I think there are much worse things to advertise than baconators. Hey.. how about all the casino commercials I see on a daily basis? Alcohol commercials? Maybe the victoria's secret commercials will make guys into rapists?

    People need to take ownership for their issues. If you're fat.. don't eat one. Or if you must, work out for two hours to offset the calories. I'm no skinny person, but I still eat that crap. It's not because I saw some stupid commercial either. It's because I like the taste and have no self control. It's my fault. Not Wendy's.