Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Boob shot

I thought I would finally upload this picture for everyone's viewing pleasure. I apologize for the cleavage shot ahead of time, and actually, no, I am not wearing a bra in this photo!

I actually got the results of all of my tests back today, and of all things, I am extremely deficient in vitamin B12 and folic acid and I tend toward anemia, especially during my womanly flow (haha). So now I have to take prenatal vitamins and folic acid supplements and keep taking the stuff that's keeping my heart from beating out of my chest and baby aspirin, and they still want me to do the echocardiogram and they want to watch my large thyroid. Which, the only thing wrong with it at the moment is that it is apparently very large. After I have kids it's likely to go cuckoo bonkers though. Which is fine, they have meds for that. I may have the type of stomach acid that prevents the absorption of B12, which could mean I would need to take it via shots, but that's a hell of a lot better than, say, open heart surgery.

Symptoms of B12 deficiency can include anxiety, fatigue, depression, moodiness, confusion, tingling and numbness. Check, check, check, check, check, check, check! The doctor also told me if I got pregnant with levels as low as I have, my child would probably have birth defects. Which, thank God I am not pregnant! Aside from my new vitamins, she suggests I eat foods high in B12, which include such delicacies as: Clams, beef liver, oysters, sardines, turkey giblets, chicken liver and mackerel. The list goes on, and there are other more appetizing things on there, but these most disgusting items are the highest in B12, of course.

So anyway, I want to thank my three readers for being so supportive and kind. I'm totally relieved, obviously!

Enjoy the boob shot!


  1. I think Christina is deficient in B-12, too. She is often moody and confused. And, after reading this she will give me symptoms of B-12 deficiency by beating me until I am tingling and numb. :)

    Glad to hear you are on the mend!!

  2. That looks so comfortable!

    Mmmmmm. Clams. Hahahahahahaha.