Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hubs and I are waging a war against cupboard moths. We thought we'd eradicated them by throwing out almost every food item in our kitchen and sanitizing our cupboards. We bought hermetically sealed food containers and vowed to use only those from now on. And yet, they have managed to return. I bought a brand new bag of rice, put it in a hermetically sealed jar, closed the lid, and two days later it's crawling with moth larvae. Apparently we are going to have to throw out the remaining food (some web sites say the larvae get into spices, too), remove the ugly light covers and clean up in that godforsaken area and bleach the whole kitchen.
Meanwhile we are conducting an experiment with the larvae in the rice, waiting to see if they will spin cocoons and become moths. Sort of disgusting. Perhaps I should document with photos!


  1. finally, a random topic in which i excel!
    first off, my dear, stop buying the rice you're buying. it's infested with eggs that later hatch, thus larvae.
    secondly, any rice you buy should be cleaned before consumption.
    to clean: check the rice by hand to make sure you don't find larvae. if you do, pick 'em out. when that's done, buy a sieve (the mesh openings should like those of a window screen), pour some rice into it and sift. the tiny particles that fall out look like dust, but they are, in fact, eggs.
    after that process, you can store the rice in a container and keep it in a cool, dry place. no humidity.

  2. Minal, you are a font of wisdom...