Friday, August 03, 2007

There are a plethora of intriguing news stories floating out in cyberspace today, in case you're interested. Visit my favorite,, for the full reports, but a little breakdown includes:
-a man with no arms and one leg who's doing time for taking cops on a high speed chase and kicking a highway patrol officer. I mean, kicking? Seriously? He's got one complete appendage left and he's hitting someone with it? I love this.
-a family that just had its 17th child and every single one's name start with the letter "J." Few things irritate me more than alliteration of that sort. And the dad's name is Jim Bob and they live in Arkansas. Which is just great.

In other awesome news, my car is supposedly ready to pick up, although the feeling in the pit of my stomach is telling me there is going to be something visibly wrong with it when I get there to pick it up and I'm going to be stuck driving the murder-mobile for another week. At one point, I dropped the car key in the crack between the center console and the passenger seat and was forced to wedge my hand in the crack to get it out and when I pulled my hand out it was covered in unknown, sticky goo. I gagged.

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  1. Turned out the car looked great. Should have taken the mini there. Here's to hoping the paint doesn't peel.