Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm ready to send up the white flag of surrender and tell the docs I was just kidding! haha! I feel fine!
These last two weeks have revealed to me why some cancer patients decide to forgo chemotherapy -- they're tired of doctors and they'd rather croak than have to spend another minute in a hospital with a needle in their arm!
No I don't have cancer and I honestly have no right to be whining about anything. But I've been undergoing a steady stream of tests in an effort to figure out why I'm having difficulty breathing and my heart sometimes beats too hard. Sounds like anxiety attacks, I know. And that's still kind of what I think it is. But since my new GP thinks it could be any number of things, I've completed a battery of exams and it's not quite over.
Yesterday ten vials of blood were drawn from my now bruised and sore arm. I also had an EKG and was told by a cardiologist to lose weight, stop eating salt, cut out caffeine and, oh yeah, chocolate. Excuse me?!
Today I had an ultrasound on my thyroid and that's when I almost lost it. As the technician is performing the ultrasound, I'm trying not to swallow, breathe or talk, and I'm looking at these indiscernible blobs on the screen and she's making these little marks in certain areas and I'm just thinking, what's THAT?
Then I get my chest X-ray and then I'm allowed to leave.
Tomorrow, and this is great and sort of funny, really -- tomorrow I'm going to be wearing a heart monitor that will record every beat for 24 hours. And then Thursday I'll go back to my GP and she can interpret all of the results for me and send me on another tour of medical offices. She's already promised I'll get to have a papsmear -- oh joy! -- and have my eyes checked. My echocardiogram is scheduled for later next month and should be, like, 14 times more exciting than the thyroid ultrasound.
So here's my prediction -- she's going to tell me there's nothing wrong with me and I should take a vacation and try to chill out.
That, or I'm dying. It's simple, really. :-)

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  1. What a terrible day and week! I hope you have something good planned for the weekend -- like a 3-month vacation!