Monday, July 30, 2007

Fire in the hole

Tonight, I almost burned the apartment complex down while attempting to broil steak. I noticed an inordinate amount of smoke coming from the oven, opened it up and saw - yep - flames. Flames that reared up when it got a taste of oxygen. I yelped and B came over and asked "what's going on?" The best I could muster was "Fire in the hole?" with a pained expression.
"Should I get the fire extinguisher?"
B runs outside to get the fire extinguisher, notices it's one of those that requires you to break the glass first, and has second thoughts. He comes back in so we can discuss whether an extinguisher is really necessary. We discuss the merits of baking soda. We peek at the fire a couple of times to confirm that, yes, there is still a fire in the oven. I run about with my hands on my head in a personification of panic. We peek again at the fire and it has gone out. We decide to remove the steak from the oven.
"Should we eat it?"
"Looks OK to me."
No joke, this was the best steak I have EVER made.



  2. Um you forget to mention my strategy was to starve the fire of oxygen. Which I think in fact worked.