Friday, July 20, 2007

Since the auto body shop now tells me that due to "hidden damage" to my car's condenser and absorber, the car will be in the shop for even longer and repairs will cost even more (no skin off my back since Office Depot's insurance is paying for it). Unfortunately that means I'm stuck driving this terrible piece of crap Dodge Caliber, aka The Murder-Mobile, thusly named due to its many mysterious brown/red interior stains and disgusting fart/cigarette odor.
I think I will have to trade it in for something else on Monday but for now I find myself behaving quite disrespectfully to the car, going full speed over speed bumps, slamming it into park/drive/reverse/whatever and jamming my foot on the gas, leaving it unlocked when I park it because I hope it will be stolen, stuff like that.


  1. I think you should be complaining to someone or calling the police. It sounds like you are driving around in a crime scene.

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