Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Perhaps I've already blogged about this but it amuses me still so I must repeat it. The place that's repairing my car has a slogan: "Making the best of a bad situation."
I mean, really? First of all, who at that company decided a slogan was necessary? And then instead of something that inspires confidence, like "Top Notch Service" or "Excellent Workmanship," they come up with something that only leaves questions to be answered. I mean, I understand they're trying to say they're sorry you were in an accident and now they're going to do all they can to help you with that. But aren't they also saying they're sorry you're stuck with them since your insurance carrier receives discounts from only a certain number of auto body repair shops in San Jose and this one happens to be the closest one to your office? Hmmm.
Anyway, a word to the wise: Apparently there is a Cisco convention in SF right now, and 40,000 people have flown in for the event, every single one of whom obviously rented a car because it took me an hour to get a rental today, and I had a reservation. And once the car finally got there, it looked as though it was extremely possible someone had committed murder in it and that Enterprise used exactly two paper towels trying to clean it up. Few things disgust me more than mysterious stains in rental cars and motel rooms.

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