Tuesday, May 22, 2007

This entry shall conclude my "coverage," such as it was, of "The Bachelor; An Officer and a Gentleman," or as B and I like to say "A Softie and a Lecher."
Glory be, last night was the finale, and I won the bet because Our Fine Lecher, Andy, chose Tessa, the girl who didn't like him, or at least seemed not to like him. She was astoundingly poorly spoken, and I am usually empathetic because I am poorly spoken when it comes to verbally being on the spot, but she was painful to listen to.
Anyway despite apparently not being that into each other, they are engaged. There's supposed to be an update program about them on tonight, if you are interested.
Even I thought for a while that he might choose Bevin, what with the declarations of undying love from both of them and the constant French kissing. But he gave her the boot, sobbing all the while! What a big softie.
I think there were a couple of issues that really nailed Bevin's coffin shut, including the fact that she is currently developing a study on libido in menopausal women, which scandalized The Lecher's grandpa, and the fact that she was raised in the Baha'i (probably spelled wrong) faith, which grandpa had certainly never heard of and didn't like the sound of.
Also she'd previously been married and was a major drama queen.
Anyway that's about all! Next up will be Blake on American Idol. We'll find out Wednesday if he won, and if so then Mike owes me $10. :-)

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