Friday, May 04, 2007

So much for practicing benevolence in the hopes of attracting good karma! Yesterday was a red-letter bad karma day. I found out the Type 2 diabetes my sister has is really Type 1 and she has to inject herself 4 times a day to stay healthy. This makes me 15 times more susceptible to getting diabetes as well.
And then B and I spent the evening in the emergency room with his grandmother, who, it seems, went off the deep end and called 911 for unknown reasons. Cops ultimately decided she needed to be hospitalized immediately and should not be living on her own.
Which results in us canceling our much anticipated vacation. We planned to leave Monday.
All of this has resulted in a new phenomenon. I'm becoming one of Those People. One of those people who always has something going wrong in their life and you just sort of look at like "what did this person do to piss off God?"


  1. Sorry to hear about your sister and B's grandma. If you live your life in terms of good luck and bad luck then you will see everything that doesn't go right as bad luck. What could happen is that you will eventually see yourself as being unlucky. Don't do that to your self. The thing that happened to your sister is bad genetics. As for B's grandma, that could just be God telling you that she needs to be more closely watched. In other words, these are unrelated events that could have happened at any time.

    Don't forget that you and B are in love. You have each other. You have good paying jobs, a home, and reliable autos. Most people would say that you are lucky. :)

  2. John, I thought for a long time about what you said, and I actually ended up feeling better about things. Although truthfully I never truly felt like God was shitting on me (as one friend put it to me over the weekend) it's easy to feel "unlucky." But in the end you are right. This, too, will pass, and B and I still have each other, which is the most important thing!