Wednesday, May 16, 2007

So last night I watched "Dateline," and they had a report about a woman in New Jersey who shot her husband while he was sleeping, cut his body into three pieces, put them in her luggage and flung them into the Chesapeake Bay.
I am guessing that is why I then had a nightmare that a woman in my office turned someone else's husband into deli meat (she's never one to be outdone) and slathered his remains in salsa or salad dressing or something. It's one of the few dreams I recall smelling things.
Anyway in the dream I was certain that I knew who'd killed this guy and turned him into deli meat, so I told my friend Mike Oz, who needed to know for some reason. And then it turned out to be this psycho woman I work with and I felt bad for slandering this other woman. In my dream I was also an artist who painted wings on women's backs. It's all bizarre, I know.
I think my work anxiety and my watching of weird TV (recently I saw "The Omen," quite an unwise choice for a person who consistently has nightmares when watching scary movies) are melding in my dreams. Because at work this week, two people were laid off, and I had felt about 65 percent certain that I was going to be laid off, too. And now I am finding out I am not going to be laid off but that I am going to have more work to do.

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